Friday, March 30, 2012


These statements that I write may seem anti-Semitic, but, this message is toward pooling more people to research the Holy Scriptures to find our Creator true to his words. He has, many times, accepted and rejected the Jewish people. From the beginning of Gods prophetic words, he has warned, not only his own chosen people, but has had his message delivered to other countries that would thwart his opposition to Satan’s objective- this was to administer a message opposing God’s announcement of a Great King, that would wipe out all wickedness from all creations eye. God announced the lineage of who this was to be, and correctly procured this event to saved manuscripts, and myriads of people on earth, would confirm these events. Yes, the scriptures also tell us that the “Stones would cry out.” Archeological facts are still challenged by the opposition, yet all that our Christ said and did while walking the earth is now coming true by our own confirmation, scientifically unchallenged. The most important of these Holy writings, is the fact that God is perfect, he cannot tell a lie, and what he plans on doing cannot be stopped or changed. The Bible tells us, God “does not want man to be destroyed, but desires all to attain to repentance.” But the turmoil is telling all mankind that the words that ask us to pray for peace, in this time and generation, with the current system of things is doomed. This was Satan’s attempt to rule man as he saw fitting, to himself, and man has proved himself to be, “Treacherous in his ways.” – Bible Even Jesus sought to inspire the rulers and religious leaders during his physical presence. This was the very objective of God to say that he (Jesus) would be crucified by these people, and resurrected to a much grander position- Sitting at the right hand of our Creator and preparing for his coming Heavenly Throne. To this day there is a strong opposition to these messages that tell our own generation that “this world” that we know it will indeed “pass away, and so will it’s desires.” We know the desires of the world that we live in, to be all that the flesh has appropriated by means of the cunning and directive force of Satan and his demons. What these evil spirits want is more turmoil, greed and separation, this will be the begging of more “Pangs of distress” administered against God TRUE chosen people. BY saying that the current Judaist practices, they will continue to reject Jesus as their king as God has foretold, but the ones faithful to the coming king would be the “New Jerusalem”; which would be heavenly and distant from Satan and his rule. As you could expect, the way the current Jerusalem, or nation of Israel juxtaposes these opinions and any confirmation of these spiritual beliefs’ as a way to continue their rendition of Imperialism, and still committing to the ideal that they are a chosen nation by our Creator.  “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her, how often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks together under her wings! But you people did not want it.  Look! Your house has been abandoned to you. For I say to YOU, you will not see me from henceforth until you say, ‘Blessed is he that comes in Jehovah’s name. ‘” This means the people accepting the current conditions and forwarding it’s cause will be doomed; whether this is going to happen soon is only more speculation. But the people believing in the Holy Scriptures, who are Jewish people, have the ability as everyone else to examine the TRUTH that’s held in the bible. This takes genuine heartfelt practice and deep consideration of the Holy Scriptures, with prayer. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The World Left Unchecked

The World Left Unchecked

  From what I read, the Earth has the ability to sustain many people including an emerging populace. But there is reasonable suspicion to think that the more the population increases, the more likely other problems concerning the environment, the structures of finance, and growth explosion would affect our daily lives at home, if left unchecked. The first idea that came to mind concerning growth of populace would be Access. Since many countries, have a variety of traded commodities, there has been explicit details as to how the rest of the businesses have to trade; but this was not without complication,  because right now, the problem surrounds the market with Pirating products that are trade marked, and licensed. There would be more people with small start up companies that would indulge on licensed products, creating a burden on the originator of the patents.  At the same time, the argument is to suggest more regulation, over taxing international goods, embargos for infractions that have been few and far between, and some regulators say it is nearly impossible to detect the next piracy operations before they develop. Without pointing the finger specifically at one country in particular, design of the International Trade laws and the procedures that exposes international trade agreement infractions, if left unchecked, would be disastrous in the future.
  Access has more than just one meaning on the subject of growth and the populace. The other idea to sustain our markets is to invite people exceptional to the needs of the environment, and the economy. This means that someone outside the countries boundary, should foresee using abilities specific to the area, this means Access to that area. The Immigration laws as they are have also been clouded with unnecessary hassles for emerging talent, and complicated figures that only people with the highest esteem could have diplomacy to engage in business or the process of building and maintaining positive eco- friendly relationships. The opposing side of the argument suggest that many people outside of said boundary would overpopulate any one particular area, plus the idea of access meaning quality of living compared to the societal catalyst, would deteriorate. With a more open boundary, and laws protecting citizens, especially in the labor force, it behooves us to also control the populace with smart boundaries that change with the times that we live. Left unchecked this increases products costs, demand for supplies, closed markets for high demanding trade, and building diplomatic relationships between boundaries.
  The term Neighbor has always struck a good nerve with me. At any given time, I can call my neighbor for help if he is available, for any reason. But this is not conducive to him asking me for the same as a return favor; this is just the way a neighbor is supposed to act for each other. This is very complicated with regards to Diplomacy, everything about our daily lives is considered with regard to the next appropriate steps for any given situation. With the idea of Ability, the borders can be lessened with great relationships, and trust. Since this is another tedious task that has some of the best minds generating more structured and engineered approaches, we cannot leave the idea out that we will always have the same scrutiny base from others. The hearts and minds of the entire world should be for continued comfortable and affordable growth, with this is to complete our mindset toward balance. The times that we live in, can afford us every opportunity, but without some systematic way to balance the populations ideals and Abilities toward more positive relationships, the turmoil will continue to spiral, toward unreasonableness, discontentment with authority and others, and more greed.
  My best conclusion would be, in order for us to continue a positive existence, we must also deal with the principle that we really are all the same and have the same needs as anyone else. The way some leaders of nations apply to the Imperialistic view point is as damaging to people as being at total war; and occupying nations that have ancient pasts have a long way to deal with a new found principles of balance. Others, with unlimited potential, have seen this juxtapose with the “world at their feet.” How we apply balance is to ask ourselves of our needs instead of our wants. The term, “He who dies with more toys, wins”, if left unchecked could be disastrous.