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A History of Native American Genocide by the New American Colonists

A History of Native American Genocide by the New American Colonists If history is known to be repetitive, then we as Americans must eagerly pursue lessons from the past for the advanced treatment of human rights and responsibilities. One of these lessons is the dehumanizing rivalry of a new America against the original Native America Archives, California State. Learn . Web. n.d. 18 July 2012 < =1933> This is an article discussing the racial tensions and demeanor of the public during the Gold Rush era, particularly toward minorities. It describes other ethnicities that were being targeted along with the Native Americans. During the current gold rush trend the website looks at the steady decline of the lands, whole groups of people, and the treatment of minorities during those times. Looking at the nature of the fervor to push for wealth and prominence is what this article’s message confirms. It was unchecked aggression that has us look back at what may be described as more savage than their enemy the Native American. There is more reason to suspect that with prejudice, there was more imagery relayed to the public of the brutal savagery of the Native Indians; those acts indeed became more the acts of war for trespass and survival, than the means for the Native to act out their aggressions on any unfounded claims. More, along the line of this article, is the nature of the unknown value to the Native Tribes, which became of extreme value to the New Colonist- The drive for gold and the possession of tracts of land, fencing, and roadways were being blasted for the purpose and advancement of wealth and industry. Capps, Benjamin et al. “The Great Chiefs.” Ed. George Constable. Print. New York: Time Life Books, 1975. 15-43. This is one detailed account of the land of the Kiowas. Benjamin Capps a typical governing body many Indian tribes had to comply with, which wasn’t the way modern day adventures and settlers had portrayed them. Capps also shows the nature of the original Native Tribes paralleling our human instinct to anguish, bitterness, and survival. Seeing the arrangements that many Tribes had to conform with was much like seeing settings of our own lives and rules. With the story of White Bear, we can visualize the Native American Indians as humans, with feeling and values. The Kiowas example of Native wars were more Endemic, which were more tribal rivalries of looting and pillaging that took place for necessity than, the way the Colonists were using all out massive retaliatory pursuit and destruction, relentlessly impacting the routine of the Indians. The public sometimes glamorized stories which became more repetitive and horrific, which made the ideals of the public more unfavorable to the Natives- dubbing them as savages. Taking this lesson to our hearts will tell us to look more further to our own nature as human, and the feeling of others, rather than parroting popular opinion. This story also excludes any arguable remarks, from the public point of view, as to many original Native American Indians’ as being savage, unorganized, uncooperative, or sinister at best intentions. Danzinger, Edward Jr. “United States Indian Policy During the Late Nineteenth Century: Change and Continuity.” Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center.Web. n.d. 18 July 2012 Edward Danzinger makes comments on the Indian policies enacted by government officials and remarks about the way that some corrupt officials were antagonizing the Indians’ toward the fulfillment of the rising demands for promised bargains and arrangements. The article offers an explanation for expectations that were needed by both sides, where neither party was making any progress to resolve bitter issues. Bureaucratic means and functions were being installed to support the Americanization of the Natives. Many Commissioners were hired to Indian Reservation post to perform normal rationing functions; but with the corruption of many of the operators, raids by rouge Indian Tribes that were still being driven north or killed, and less grazing lands and game that were fashioned to near extinction. It is noteworthy to conceive of more intense hostilities and prejudice that existed between the two warring parties. Commissioner of Affairs John Q. Smith’s said the “civilization or the utter destruction of the Indians [as] inevitable.” It is also noteworthy to look at the offer for involuntary servitude as being the only choice for the Natives. As Smith said, unless they are “ taught, and taught very soon, to accept the necessities of their situation and being in earnest to provide for their own wants by labor in civilized pursuits. ” If we look to this piece of History then this would be sort of a bully statement by the better standards we should seek to accomplish. d’Errico, Peter. “Jeffery Amherst and the Smallpox Blankets.” Web. n.d. 22 July 2012 Author Peter d’Errico brings forth stunning evidence on his website, with original photographs of correspondence between Cornel Henry Bouquet to General [James] Amherst; and Amherst’s response to George Crogan Deputy Agent of Indian Affairs between June –August 1763. The language within the letters- the idea of providing small pox ridden blankets, with the fluidity of the messages- the author is showing the growing intent and influence that perpetuated the Genocide of the Native American Indians. Visualizing these letters are important. It is safe to assume the general growing attitude that will increase between a heavily backed, industrialized nation that would use any means for resistance to enemies. Because of war trends during the war of Independence- another war would take place between successive nations with the beginning of another new problem- the next rise of the two rivalries- The New America and the Native American Indians. The question of whether the Indians were actually inoculated by orders from General Amherst troops is still under debate. But at the time, there was reason to suspect that many early settlers and pioneers began to feel accustom to the idea of distancing the natives further out of prime locations. Knowing this also gives us a reflection against using any illogical means toward human destruction. Drake, James D. “Native American Wars” The Oxford Companion to American Military History. John Whiteclay Chambers II, ed., Oxford University Press 1999. Print. Oxford Reference Online. The Oxford Companion to American Military History gives great summary of many topics related to the timeline of the native Indians struggle by means of progress for the New United States. We can point to references, with the expansion of territories, the migration of early prospectors, and the convening of military strength to ultimately pursue control over the native population, this reference is a good source for locking in small summaries in history of the Native American Indian wars. James Drake can only summarize the cause and effect of poignant places and events that were crucial to military warfare upon the Native Americans. These accounts can remind us of the intent for this Nation to satisfy and deliver the concept of progress without cause and effect. It also gives us a reflection of the reasoning for continuous bitter rivalry by scoping interest to the way of desire against nature. The Native American Indians were simply at their own place at the wrong time; and anywhere that progress led them, it was to their ultimate end. With this reference we can see more of an accounting of the gradual decline of the population of the natives. Foundation, Hermitage The. The Hermitage Foundation-President Andrew Jackson. Web.n.d. 18 July 2012. The Hermitage Foundation makes comments about the action of President Andrew Jackson’s Indian problem. With much to be said for the protection of the American way of life, Jackson takes on the responsibility to fight opposition groups against his removal policies, which was to dispatch government relations with treaties towards the Indians removal from their normal way of life. The attitude of the Native American Indians was growing toward debate upon their quick removal. This article serves the purpose in being reminded by how much influence can have to applying the power to make definitive and lasting changes. This site tells us corruption was above the knowledge of the President, and one must argue that there was a failure to the assimilation for Americanizing the Indians; and there was forethought to their extermination. The cause and affect must be considered by higher thinking logical debate, but when there was a new government that was facing changes as fast as the industry that was bringing about these changes, there would also be some advantages and liberty’s taken; which was almost everything at the time, that can be worked out for the cause of this advancement. Government Printing, United States office of. “ Thirteenth Amendment” – Slavery and Involuntary Servitude” United States Government Printing office. Web. n.d. 22 July 2012 <> This is a web site describing the definitions of the term “involuntary servitude” by the Office of Government Printing. It makes claims about the terms and scope of the Thirteenth Amendment with regard to slavery and involuntary servitude, as being an entitlement for all Americans. It also makes distinguishing remarks by what the terms of the Thirteenth Amendment would include. It is important to learn of the term, once again of, “involuntary servitude.” as not just act of brutal slavery. Some may also argue that this is an outdated law which restricted its use to the African American population and freedom for slaves. But this document makes clear a much wider scope of free liberties for all Americans: “And when racial discrimination herds men into ghettos and makes their ability to buy property turn on the color of their skin, then it too is a relic of slavery. At the very least, the freedom that Congress is empowered to secure under the Thirteenth Amendment includes the freedom to buy whatever a white man can buy, the right to live wherever a white man can live.” Teaching these ideas now makes sense when we can include all human as ourselves, without any preclusions of race or gender. But at the same time the latter quote was being considered in congress, there was active aggression against the Native American Indians and there wasn’t any mention of their civility being breached by these laws. We always have to take a look at similar circumstances for our times, and act according to higher humane standards. Lewy, Guenter. “Were American Indians the Victims of Genocide?” George Mason’s University History News Network.Web. n.d. 18 July 2012 Guenter Lewy argues in detail against calling the act of the New American Colonist “genocide”, but refers to the ethnic cleansing as being an act of “good intentions.” At the same time while offering some more details of acceptable practices of the times during the Colonist’s and the Natives, Lewy insists, in summary, that it would serve no interest to society to re-live the tragic moments in Native American History. Lewy fails to provide explanations or theories if he were to place himself in the situation of the vivid accounts that history has provided about the gradual decline of the Indian population. The author continues to compare the holocaust of the Jews as an act of Genocide; some scholars would make the argument about the occupation of Vietnam as an act of Genocide, but, his commentary still compares the population decline of the Native American Indian as a necessary means for the New America, and its interest. The interest of the colonist were leaving an indelible impression on the Native lands, yet knowing how there are opposing arguments on this informative review, there still remained the left over ideals of the Original Native American Indians being a less superior race by means of military aggression, and the ethnic cleansing and “Americanization” left them to their own cause and effect towards involuntary servitude to the New America, or total extinction. Knowing opposing viewpoint this article asserts very fluently, can help us steer people toward more humane reasoning.

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What is Your Day Like?

I want to ask all you people what your waking days are like? Because, everyone has it, their moments whether they plan it, or just let the day happen differently. I can only remark about the contrasting times from what I am experiencing now in my own life, but there is some reasoning for me to affix the latter and compare and  I will tell you first about my days. Now, I can say that I have a very grateful and loving relationship with my spouse, I have coffee in the mornings and sometimes, (but do have the time) time to read Bible scriptures.(really) Still, we have the necessary conversations on what appointments coming up, or what bills we can pay, we have our stints using the computers, either to help in processing our payments or just having the time to play a game. Our dogs usually require their daily routines of letting them in and out, plus new water, filling of the food bowl, and receiving the ball in my lap to play. I think about the next classes I am going to take, and what other bills are coming next, take more sips of coffee, and then think of how I am going to pay for the whole arrangement- The house, the car that rumbles to the tune of a bad transmission, and my relationships to my immediate family, which I just mentioned. All of these basic things that carry me through the day are what I call necessary. What makes me want to walk out there in the world is supposed to be opportunity. So what has changed my mind?  Do I need a house? A dog? A wife? 
  What is worse, is the fact that there are more people approaching questions in there everyday life that is similar to mine. This is the newer type downsizing when you have to really look at your true means and wonder if someone has it better or worse. When even the bulk of ads that you get in the mail or see on the news is what they might portray the worst outcome of people, but, these days only big corporations end up getting the proceeds of your heartfelt concerns. Or the portrayal of the happy life if you have your Visa or Mastercard, this daily sickens me.
   Yes, giving is apart of our necessary arrangement in our family. Only because the way I have had my misfortunes along the way, too. I was homeless at one time, well actually for a very long time. So, this is where I compare- Waking up inside a tunnel at a playground, wondering if I can find a cup of coffee, a companion, some work. Your day starts to the tune first, trying to clean up, instead of looking like you just woke up at the playground. You are cold and shivering, and you don’t know how far the shelter you were turned away from the previous evening is because your feet hurt and your mind is on the next shelter. What makes me move on? Is it the desire to be like everyone else? To be normal, is it to envy the successes of others? I wanted my own place, and it wasn’t just some spot under the bridge, or at a buddy’s house. To some people that would remark behind their desks, “Why don’t you find a Job?” this is where it would tear at me the most- I don’t have a phone to find a job; I don’t have a regular phone to find a job; I don’t have a home to find a job; I don’t have the clothes to find a job. Even if I had one or all of the latter things, it still wouldn’t be enough to find a job. This vicious circle, the ocean whirlpool that drags you down, it’s cruel; not the people that wanted to help, just the idea of a person seeing point A as their current existence and point B owning the belief: “I will get out of this.” ”Things will be better for me.”(That remarkable, holding of the breath and trudging out of being spit to Leviathan.)
   My whole way about me is also to refer to the outcomes of others, whether good or bad. Of course the times are to pray for the ones in need, and be Liberal to our aged and sick, this is Biblical. At the same time, why can’t it be this easy-the way the Bible puts it. Because what binds all of the confusion together is not the way we would have it, it is just the way it is, now…the Law is complicated, and out of the reach of common people. So I ask then, what is your day like? What do you think of when you want to change the laws, make regulations, take away benefits, give away incentives, make the rich more richer? How do you have your coffee as you file through your portfolios, and IRA’s, when you go to the markets online to trade your net worth of Insurance bonds? When do you play with your pets? Do you have to worry about paying your bills each month? (I can already answer this) What does it feel like, getting that bonus check for millions of dollars, and what is the first thing you want to do afterward? Are there people that worry about you? What really are you thinking of, and what really is your day like? I can almost bet, your honest answers, and commitment to change these causes and effects will get you some better sleep at night. Please, look out for your neighbors, love God, and have a good day. 

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Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

Note: A portion of Article IV, section 2, of the Constitution was superseded by the 13th amendment.

Section 1.
Neither slavery nor INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868.

Note: Article I, section 2, of the Constitution was modified by section 2 of the 14th amendment.

Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall MAKE OR ENFORCE ANY LAW which shall ABRIDGE the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection OF THE LAWS:

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These statements that I write may seem anti-Semitic, but, this message is toward pooling more people to research the Holy Scriptures to find our Creator true to his words. He has, many times, accepted and rejected the Jewish people. From the beginning of Gods prophetic words, he has warned, not only his own chosen people, but has had his message delivered to other countries that would thwart his opposition to Satan’s objective- this was to administer a message opposing God’s announcement of a Great King, that would wipe out all wickedness from all creations eye. God announced the lineage of who this was to be, and correctly procured this event to saved manuscripts, and myriads of people on earth, would confirm these events. Yes, the scriptures also tell us that the “Stones would cry out.” Archeological facts are still challenged by the opposition, yet all that our Christ said and did while walking the earth is now coming true by our own confirmation, scientifically unchallenged. The most important of these Holy writings, is the fact that God is perfect, he cannot tell a lie, and what he plans on doing cannot be stopped or changed. The Bible tells us, God “does not want man to be destroyed, but desires all to attain to repentance.” But the turmoil is telling all mankind that the words that ask us to pray for peace, in this time and generation, with the current system of things is doomed. This was Satan’s attempt to rule man as he saw fitting, to himself, and man has proved himself to be, “Treacherous in his ways.” – Bible Even Jesus sought to inspire the rulers and religious leaders during his physical presence. This was the very objective of God to say that he (Jesus) would be crucified by these people, and resurrected to a much grander position- Sitting at the right hand of our Creator and preparing for his coming Heavenly Throne. To this day there is a strong opposition to these messages that tell our own generation that “this world” that we know it will indeed “pass away, and so will it’s desires.” We know the desires of the world that we live in, to be all that the flesh has appropriated by means of the cunning and directive force of Satan and his demons. What these evil spirits want is more turmoil, greed and separation, this will be the begging of more “Pangs of distress” administered against God TRUE chosen people. BY saying that the current Judaist practices, they will continue to reject Jesus as their king as God has foretold, but the ones faithful to the coming king would be the “New Jerusalem”; which would be heavenly and distant from Satan and his rule. As you could expect, the way the current Jerusalem, or nation of Israel juxtaposes these opinions and any confirmation of these spiritual beliefs’ as a way to continue their rendition of Imperialism, and still committing to the ideal that they are a chosen nation by our Creator.  “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her, how often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks together under her wings! But you people did not want it.  Look! Your house has been abandoned to you. For I say to YOU, you will not see me from henceforth until you say, ‘Blessed is he that comes in Jehovah’s name. ‘” This means the people accepting the current conditions and forwarding it’s cause will be doomed; whether this is going to happen soon is only more speculation. But the people believing in the Holy Scriptures, who are Jewish people, have the ability as everyone else to examine the TRUTH that’s held in the bible. This takes genuine heartfelt practice and deep consideration of the Holy Scriptures, with prayer. 

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The World Left Unchecked

The World Left Unchecked

  From what I read, the Earth has the ability to sustain many people including an emerging populace. But there is reasonable suspicion to think that the more the population increases, the more likely other problems concerning the environment, the structures of finance, and growth explosion would affect our daily lives at home, if left unchecked. The first idea that came to mind concerning growth of populace would be Access. Since many countries, have a variety of traded commodities, there has been explicit details as to how the rest of the businesses have to trade; but this was not without complication,  because right now, the problem surrounds the market with Pirating products that are trade marked, and licensed. There would be more people with small start up companies that would indulge on licensed products, creating a burden on the originator of the patents.  At the same time, the argument is to suggest more regulation, over taxing international goods, embargos for infractions that have been few and far between, and some regulators say it is nearly impossible to detect the next piracy operations before they develop. Without pointing the finger specifically at one country in particular, design of the International Trade laws and the procedures that exposes international trade agreement infractions, if left unchecked, would be disastrous in the future.
  Access has more than just one meaning on the subject of growth and the populace. The other idea to sustain our markets is to invite people exceptional to the needs of the environment, and the economy. This means that someone outside the countries boundary, should foresee using abilities specific to the area, this means Access to that area. The Immigration laws as they are have also been clouded with unnecessary hassles for emerging talent, and complicated figures that only people with the highest esteem could have diplomacy to engage in business or the process of building and maintaining positive eco- friendly relationships. The opposing side of the argument suggest that many people outside of said boundary would overpopulate any one particular area, plus the idea of access meaning quality of living compared to the societal catalyst, would deteriorate. With a more open boundary, and laws protecting citizens, especially in the labor force, it behooves us to also control the populace with smart boundaries that change with the times that we live. Left unchecked this increases products costs, demand for supplies, closed markets for high demanding trade, and building diplomatic relationships between boundaries.
  The term Neighbor has always struck a good nerve with me. At any given time, I can call my neighbor for help if he is available, for any reason. But this is not conducive to him asking me for the same as a return favor; this is just the way a neighbor is supposed to act for each other. This is very complicated with regards to Diplomacy, everything about our daily lives is considered with regard to the next appropriate steps for any given situation. With the idea of Ability, the borders can be lessened with great relationships, and trust. Since this is another tedious task that has some of the best minds generating more structured and engineered approaches, we cannot leave the idea out that we will always have the same scrutiny base from others. The hearts and minds of the entire world should be for continued comfortable and affordable growth, with this is to complete our mindset toward balance. The times that we live in, can afford us every opportunity, but without some systematic way to balance the populations ideals and Abilities toward more positive relationships, the turmoil will continue to spiral, toward unreasonableness, discontentment with authority and others, and more greed.
  My best conclusion would be, in order for us to continue a positive existence, we must also deal with the principle that we really are all the same and have the same needs as anyone else. The way some leaders of nations apply to the Imperialistic view point is as damaging to people as being at total war; and occupying nations that have ancient pasts have a long way to deal with a new found principles of balance. Others, with unlimited potential, have seen this juxtapose with the “world at their feet.” How we apply balance is to ask ourselves of our needs instead of our wants. The term, “He who dies with more toys, wins”, if left unchecked could be disastrous. 

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POOR PEHN'S AMERICAN ALMANAC: Back to the blogger F U FACEBOOK: Facebook has done it again; they want even more information than you really know. Suppose I have a picture and I keep showing it to you, do...

Back to the blogger F U FACEBOOK

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