Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Part of the Anti-Christ Revealed- "Babylon The Great"

@ POPE> Only Jesus with God's will,  can make a saint; you are the Anti- Christ, Pope. Your IDOLS won't help you when you pray for them! Which side are you praying for this time in all the wars? TELL US!
When are you going to dis-fellowship child molesters and murderers from your congregation, POPE?
 You are just a MAN just like the rest of us; and when you are stripped of all your robes you are bare. What power do you have , then? You have misled many people! Jesus said that "you will be hated on the count of his name", yet millions stand before you to have "their ears tickled" by you. What did they learn, so that they can go home to feed on? You have starved them from the good news of  Jehovah God's Kingdom that will "bring to ruin to those ruining the earth." - Bible

Monday, April 25, 2011


Why doesn't anyone press for Military Budget cuts, instead of raising taxes? What about tax reform called flat tax for income, incentives for small business, penalties for Labor offenses (i.e. hire and fire at will) and Tax TAX TAX monopolizing corporations, news, entertainment outlets (Hollywood, Sports figures) No more three-hots- and- a- cot for uneducated prisoners ( recidivism rates), welfare recipients to get back to work, by raising the minimum wage, and business getting a break for hiring them. STOP TAXING POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE FOR A CHANGE. Executive salaries MUST have limits! HOW MUCH DOES ONE MAN REALLY NEED TO LIVE ON? alt fuels. alt fuels, alt fuels, wind, wind, wind. Sun, sun, sun= Life. SUPPORT FOR THE MILITARY= DEATH

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Do this to remember me"- Jesus

Today: Nisan 13. Tonight Nisan 14- On this occasion 1978 years ago,The apostles with Jesus gathered around the supper table to enjoy the Last Evening Meal with a remembrance. The night eventually led to Christ's capture, trial and execution; at the same time, the execution of Jesus and the prophetic scriptures came to a final fulfillment of the only perfect man ever on earth, since the birth of Adam.They were told of his betrayal,  as was foretold throughout the scriptures, and how God had the ability to see beforehand the treacherous ways of man. The Jews and religious leaders at this time would accuse him of being a liar, Jesus' own people would pick a murderer over him. Christians would mourn afterward for three days when they learned of his remarkable resurrection as he had demonstrated before while on earth. Certainly, any individuals still rejecting these ideas would have a problem knowing Jesus and his perfect ways.

Monday, April 4, 2011



IF I were QADDAFI,  I would have my sons take over. They could say what they are saying now; they could go through the whole capture scenario; they could even execute someone that LOOKS like him; they could run the place the same. Is this supposed to be a good thing? Probably for the CIA .

COMMENT: Wayne Hanson - "Pehn: I think you just wrote the ...first episode of the QADDAFI reality show."

What I see is QADDAFI as being there for the last , oh, 20 something years. His last so- called nemisis was Reagan. Bush SR. did nothing. Why? There's TEXAS GOLD OUT THERE IN THEM HILLS! Afterward they KEPT Clinton .....VERY BUSY. They are keeping OBAMA..... VERY BUSY! Why is this? Where DID that 3 trillion from JR GO?


Friday, February 25, 2011


Since the development of the Decorticator machine, it has been understood according to the press that it's institution could be dangerous to the COTTON growers of America.This was a definitive example of PROPAGANDA FROM THE PRESS, AND IT'S ABILITY TO HYPNOTISE AND MONOPOLISE THE PUBLIC AWAY FROM HEMP'S CULTIVATION .


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Easy Pasta Primavera


  • Try pasta linguine on this one. Al dente.  For two,  the size of the OK sign; put the boxed pasta in between. For fresh, recommended style of pasta thickness. 
  • A spring style mix of fresh vegis- Baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, perhaps some zucchini.
  • Garlic, lite white pepper, (touch) oregano,(touch) parsley nice and blended with the next ingredient
  • Real Butter
  • Half and Half
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Attention/ misenplace
When you walk into the house and your belly aches from waiting/battling through traffic, coming home from work, or the old lady had to go and take the twins to the doctors because Johnny and Joey were playing ariplane; regardless,  you are hungry as a bear going through a bad winter. You want to eat quick, hard and without recourse. Stop and look at this ONE post and the list it has to offer......mmmmmmm! Heck If you are patient enough and you can hold the rumbling,  (eat a cracker, it's worth it) take all of that stuff out, (probably after you come out of the bathroom, and washing your hands from that Big Gulp or the Gulper coffee on the way back) And yes even before that you can get the biggest pot of water on the stove and have all that stuff waiting to get cooked. We can take it step by step and it can be a quick and easy way to get creative if  you would like to add other stuff with it, like MEAT>

  • Wash your hands
  • Boil water
  • Cut/ toss vegis. Cut them the way you like but knowing the thicker you cut them the more time it will take to cook
  • I go with the half stick of butter rule per 2 servings, inside of a nice sized saute pan . Put together, with seasoning list, but dont over cook( Note on seasoning: Cover certain spices accoring to potency; i.e. salt to the taste, oragano as pungency, pepper,  as level of spice, TONS OF GARLIC, lol) It is easier to melt the butter and garlic first, add vegi mix, ooops are these other steps?  
  • Add pasta to boiling water stirring all the time, a watched pot is no sticky linguini
  • Put a bit of cream into the vegi mixture; enough cream to cover the bottom about a half a cup or so warming it into all the vegis
  • Add hot /unrinsed but drained dry pasta
  • Muscle in the parmesean only after the mixture is back to the boilng point with the new flame
  • Salt to taste,  thank God Almighty, and enjoy.
Comment for any Q and A

Try Testing All of Your Sports Heros That Are Supposed To Be Graduates

OK I was being a little harsh to the REAL athletes that have done their homework. Solve: When using the quadradic equation: X= -b + or - the suare root of bsquared -4ac divided by 2a, *breath* solve for xsquared +2x+3=0 in terms of i. Those of you that never seen this should be ashamed to make the money you do! Shame on you!

........the problem lies with the amount of public attention this has gained compared to the attention of better educational opportunities. I know athletes that have their positions given to them because of talent, rather than an equal opportunity because of  academic successes.

It is the MONEY that our children see these athletes making; they compare their own lives to the lives of these athletes. I respect the games, and the way that a person can be of great strength and agility. But the reasoning of this is very different when comparing the needs of a balanced society. TV does not teach our children, it is wrong to steal, kill, and compete fairly. It in fact teaches us more imaginary ways to get around, or promote these ideas.If the money wasn't there for these guys , would the majority still be playing professionally? I think the ones that have done their lessons would be; the others, I don't have much hope of them passing the basics of math and science.

It's the media is who support these intentions. And I am not against any athlete making money. I just have an idea of them being paid LESS than a Teacher; who has a definitive choice for the support of a more opportunistic approach to a better "designing" society. Pay them(athletes) less of a salary, they still they get more support from their sponsors, and media agents. There are no sponsors and supporters to the education system. The TEACHERS TAUGHT YOU TO READ, WRITE, AND REASON MORE CLEARLY THAN YOUR PARENTS HAVE. I'm not saying this about you; but, I am saying this to all people as a whole. What IS the VALUE here? Now the NCAA RUlES FOR THE ONES THAT VIOLATED THEM.

Student-Athlete Reinstatement (Eligibility)

The student-athlete reinstatement process provides for the evaluation of information submitted by an NCAA member institution on behalf of enrolled and prospective student-athletes who have been involved in violations of NCAA regulations that affect their eligibility.
The review is to assess the responsibility of the involved individuals and to determine appropriate conditions for the reinstatement of eligibility under standards established by the NCAA membership.
The NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff issues initial decisions in all cases. The staff’s decisions may be appealed to the Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee, which is composed of representatives from NCAA member institutions and conferences.
The committee has the authority to amend a staff decision or lessen a penalty, but it does not have the authority to increase a penalty. The staff meets with the committee regularly to discuss philosophy, process, policies and guidelines for processing cases."- NCAA



Tuesday, February 22, 2011


“The board of directors has now met in all seven states TVA serves,” President and CEO Tom Kilgore noted. “We believe that meeting across our service territory gives our directors and officers greater insight into TVA’s operations and helps strengthen our relationships with our customers and the public.”...

"To simplify the way fuel charges appear on power bills, the board approved combining all components of fuel into a single category called the “total monthly fuel cost.” Previously, monthly bills had fuel costs in two separate categories: the “base rate” charge, which remains the same each month, and the “fuel cost adjustment,” which changes each month to reflect fluctuations in the cost of coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel and related items"

THIS JUST MEANS THE SAME THING; THE TVA WILL HAVE MORE BONUS FOR THE EXECUTIVES , MORE STRENGTH TO CONTROL EVERYTHING. Fluctuating fuel cost means they can average some ELITE homeowner , that takes an average of $2000. per month cost and make an old man,  that can hardly afford the rates the way they are making him pay his share, huh?. Remember, the latter can take all of his Social Security Check every month and BANK ON THE TVA. How many SHARES OF TVA STOCK WILL $50 BUY HIM, after he pays his elecrtic and water bills? HOW MUCH LONGER CAN YOU LET THE TVA CONTROL YOU? I am asking the people that work there that have some decency and a Conscience.

More Teachers in Trouble.

The GOP is shifting their authority to scutinize our TEACHERS. Instead of looking to solve our finacial problems with taking the lead and creating a way for peaceful talks with our educators; the stategy will focus on the internal problems the schools may have. Does this surprise you? The best GOP strategy is to BULLY. Just remember this,  the BULLY'S have friends in thier POCKETS. "WE" the "PEOPLE" are OUR friends!

"State investigators have uncovered what they call a pattern of “intimidating, threatening and retaliating” against Atlanta Public Schools employees who report cheating or other improprieties"


The GOP Doesn't Want to be Reported on. 

"There have been numerous occasions, some over extended periods of time, during which both Krvaric and Nehring exhibited behavior that I found both inappropriate and questionable. It is my intent to share these observations with you...."

Monday, February 21, 2011


How many more executives are getting paid on the Tennessee ticket? Why is it that when a person that goes to work- lets  say a TEACHER, and they get hungry but have to go to a TBR meeting? Do they also have that $50.00 per diem? How many law makers are working to get that extra 50 bucks in? Maybe the Governer to me should be able to eat on this much does he make already??? Can he afford to eat and REALLY pay for his meals?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Backyard Baptismal Pools Are Out This Spring and THE SUNSHINE LAW

"Posted by dadw5boys on Feb. 20, 2011 - 10:45 a.m.
Did the Government give you a choice in supporting these people or Groups ???
American Family Association they got $ 19,233,560 Million Dollars last year that is $82,777, 894 Million Dollar in the last 5 years !!
Heritage Foundation got $ 63, 910, 593 Million Dollar last year that is $ 190, 085,156 Million Dollars in the last 5 Years !!!!
Pat Robinson's American Center for Law and Justice got
$13,291,865 Million Dollars last year that is $ 57,586,400 Million Dollars the last 5 years !!!!
Pat Robinson and the 700 Club got $ 183,000,000.00 Million Dollars last year that is $ 843, 340,545 Million Dollars in the last 5 year !!!!!
Pat Robinson's Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation got $406, 254, 443 Million Dollars last year and that is $1,368.331,808 BILLION DOLLARS in the last 5 years !!!
Feeling Blessed aren't you to pay this Money back to China with Interest !!!!"

There are many Universities that are tied to these funds also; in our area Milligan College, King, and many others that force the ciriculum standard to include religious studies. There are no other choices for students to apply without having to take courses, or a minimum of some form of religion as primary. The FEDS pay for religion, so to speak, eh? I wonder how much Benny Hinn Ministries got? Fallwell? We know All about the Bakers. more to come for sure. -Ed





This is what happens when you have the same money minding, back door engagements,  against others who mind what the law states . You officials are the only one so far that were caught in the act,  and for this we ask "The Keyboard Cat"  to play you,  your "FAIL" tune. Meow!


.Professor Hutchins,

I beleive in god. But not the God that the above THINK HE IS. When you are traveling the world and speaking to people about the waste of time that has been watched , being hypnotised,  by their ears being TICKLED at the same time, tell them also that the words "TRINITY"," RAPTURE", "EASTER", "HOLLOWEEN" "CHRISTMAS" and any IDOL of what the CATHOLIC'S have this year, they are not in the bible. They worship idols. ( that's a period) This I DO remember is BAD.   

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Hitchhiker

 Mean it when you ask someone, “How are you? ”
I am not always apt to picking up hitchhikers, but on this occasion I thought of the conditions that an Old man named Lloyd was enduring. When I pulled over his mentioning his age of 89 brought forth questions as to how and why he was walking in the breezy cold snow. The winter had been very cold and icy; coming to find out that Lloyd had been without water in his trailer since, only later today. This was not the only time that I picked up Lloyd. At first, the idea of an man his age would walk the distance from the Siam community to the Local Wal- Mart  had, in Elizabethton,  to have been more than a 15  mile journey one way. Lloyd mention to me that part of this he hitchhikes and part of this he walks.
  Seeing him standing this last Friday once again prompted me to pull over and give him another ride home, but to me his stories became repetitive and very imaginary, speaking of President Lincoln on many occasions, coming to Siam and having supper with his folks. Plus, at once was amused by the same stories of his folks making the first record phonograph and having the first Television off the assembly line. These same stories, were repeating, and I knew of his aging; I had been a Caregiver to my own step- father before he passed away. I ask Lloyd if he had a car, and if it would it be ok if I gave him an old van that had been sitting in my driveway, and if it would be easier for him if he didn't have to hitchhike; I wasn't using the van so I thought, if he had a license, and if he transferred the title in his name, if he could make good use of the van. The look on his face seemed to shift from the repeating stories he was used to reciting, and it filled his thoughts full of joy. It seemed to brighten his day. His remark, "That is so nice of you" made me feel happy to help. Yet, my first concern was if Lloyd would be ABLE to drive, at his age, his repeating messages to me was his days going 150 miles an hour running moonshine, and working on some of the fastest cars in the world- it didn't surprise me. So I said you can come over and see it to see if you can drive it; which, Lloyd did come over to look at the van.  I would pay tons of money to see more gleam from his eyes as I did then. It did shift his attention, from the story of having weight in the White house, and knowing all the politicians enough to make em cringe.
   My wife wasn't so pleased to hear of this. My idea, which was not totally lame brained, was vetoed by the fact that this man may hurt himself in this vehicle,  regardless of his having credentials enough to race NASCAR since its inception perhaps, but I wanted to give the guy some weight to his story and believe that he could , in fact handle himself behind the wheel. “This can be the hardest issue that caregivers face as an older person develops conditions that make them unfit to drive. It is important to recognize how important driving is to many older people. It allows them to go where they want. It is also a symbol of independence. Caregivers need to be very clear about the specific problems that they have noticed. Caregivers can look to health care providers for help. Doctors and other health care providers can help find out if there is a mental or physical problem that limits driving abilities. “(By Germaine L. Odenheimer & Medicine, 2009) My conscience took over, once again; taking my friends and families advice, I wanted to tell Lloyd that he could go to the DMV and have everything checked and make sure that he could drive, then I could take him to the court house and get the tag and transfer title. But I needed that extra item, my friend KC to help me determine this. “If I had written the report, I would emphasize to family members that you’re the best judge of when the risk is unacceptable, and you can ask the doctor to use his or her authority to say so,” Dr. Kennedy said. “We’re the ones who should take the heat.” He has written letters to patients telling them to stop driving when his advice during office visits proved ineffective; he also keeps the online forms handy to send to the state division of motor vehicles if a letter doesn’t work.” (Solutions.”, 2011)
KC and I sat with Lloyd and the same stories came, of the Lincoln suppers; the putting away of the politicians; all that pull he has within Washington, DC. I wanted to see if he really WAS OK; I wanted to know how he was taking care of himself; I wanted him to ask me in, because of my friend mentioning to me of the smell of cat urine from his front porch. I never wanted to intrude into Lloyd's life, nor did I want to suspect that Lloyd REALLY needs HELP, and it was NOTHING that I could do. After more repeated stories, I had to cut this particular visit short. Lloyd did, while I was leaving, come back and waved me into his house; for what compelled him to do this, I didn't know.  I almost started crying to the conditions that I was met with, that Lloyd was living under. He was my neighbor, and he really DOES need professional help short of disturbing his routine. I weighed the idea with Lloyd of calling Social Services and Lloyd vehemently refuses Government treatment. I asked him to let me drive him to the doctor, and he repeats where it is, saying somewhere in Roan Mountain; but he doesn't get help from any outside county agencies. When I find out of the limits of Lloyd's conversations, he is a very articulate individual and has good communication of his needs. But after seeing the conditions that he lives under, I have doubts about his continued health under these circumstances. I have asked Lloyd, because of his concerns from the local DHS, and Hospitals, to let me take him, and stand by him. He continues to remark on his good health and his conditions as OK. I asked Lloyd today if I can bring some of my fellow students to come and help him get his place cleaned from the bugs, and piling dishes, that he can't wash because of his water pipe breaking. To me, if he had someone there, he may get irate if you tried to help him. But, I don't want to go against his wishes. “Is this a good Idea”, we thought as a family? The neighbors that I talked to was the only people that could help him, but after speaking to them, and Tommy, the householder,  mentioned that he had a Father in a Nursing home and the family’s time was divided with his care.  Gordon Sumner wrote in a song that says, "There are too many cameras, and not enough food."  I am not a professional Psychologist, and I have asked Lloyd, to even have my Instructor come for a visit. (She's a first person that I thought of that would know what to do) Lloyd’s reaction was to cuss me. I want to help you Lloyd. –Edited Revised
UPDATE: Tues, February 22:  I had to take someone to the emergency room today.  All GOV offices were closed yesterday. After I asked my Instructor some advice, I also talked to a student prior to making my decision. It seemed as if I was constantly being diverted from this mission, but I thought that while I was at the Hospital I would ask another Social Worker what she thought. She mentioned to me that DHS was not the proper agency to contact in this situation. Instead, the Adult Protective services would be the best method to go. “Adult Protective Services staff investigate reports of abuse, neglect (including self-neglect) or financial exploitation of adults who are unable to protect themselves due to a physical or mental limitation. APS staff assess the need for protective services and provide services to reduce the identified risk to the adult.”  (Services, 2011)The APS re-assured me that Lloyd situation would be evaluated within a 7 day period. I asked why he wouldn't be getting immediate help, and the social specialist, with the more than one- hour waiting time for them to answer the phone during hours of operation,  helped me to understand that, bureaucratic barriers still exist. But these are not in her words.
Update: MARCH 3, 2011. Within the seven day period I learned that they found Lloyd, and to my knowledge, he is probably cussing me, and eating hot food: “Three- Hot’s -And -A- Cot.”   He’s talking up some great (crazy) stories about Lincoln and how he came to supper leaving one of the first phonographs that came off the assembly line. Some of you that have picked up Lloyd have heard this before. APS is very good about not giving me any information; it wasn't that I was asking except to know that he is OK. APS: You can tell him where I am. Maybe we can find that gold your Pappy, and you were talking about. Plus, PLEASE GIVE HIM HIS PICTURES OF HIS DEAR WIFE SO HE CAN LOOK AT THEM AGAIN. THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU JESUS, AND AMEN.
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By Germaine L. Odenheimer, M., & Medicine, U. S. (2009). The AGS Foundation for Heath and Aging. Retrieved march tue, 2011, from
Services, D. R.-D. (2011, March 23). Department Of Human Services. Retrieved march 23, 2011, from TN.GOV:
Solutions.”, P. S. ( 2011, March Tuesday 22). The New York Times. Retrieved march 23, 2011, from

Friday, February 18, 2011

What is next? Funding for the MARINES, AIRFORCE, DEA, RACING TEAMS???



"About the only victory scored by Obama during the week came on a vote Wednesday to cancel $450 million for a costly alternative engine for the Pentagon's next-generation F-35 warplane. It was a top priority of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and passed with the votes of many GOP conservatives who opposed the $3 billion program, more than half of the 87 Republican freshmen elected last fall on promises to cut the budget.

Democrats overwhelmingly oppose the measure and Obama has threatened a veto if it reaches his desk, citing sweeping cuts that he says would endanger the economic recovery."
Cut the funding for all of PENTAGON'S ACTIVITIES. DIG REAL DEEP.


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those in ANY sort of tribulation through the comfort with which we OURSELVES are being comforted by God.....Now whether we are in tribulation, it is for YOUR comfort and salvation; or wether we are being comforted, it is for your comfort that operates to make you endure the same sufferings that we also suffer. And so our hope for you is unwavering, knowing as we do that, just as YOU are sharers of the sufferings, in the same way YOU will also share in the comfort" .- Bible


"Regardless of the situation in Afghanistan, we've seen the Pentagon coming back to us asking for more troops, more resources, more time," Lee told reporters during a conference call on Thursday. "And I always said, 'If they say it's going well in Afghanistan, they want more resources, more troops, more time. If it's going poorly in Afghanistan, they come back and they say they want more troops, more resources, more time.'"

" That which has come to be, that is what will come to be; and that which has been done, that is what will be done, and so there is nothing new under the sun. Does anything exist of which one may say, " See this, it is new? It has already had existence for time indefinite, what has come into existence is from time prior to us. "- Bible


Stop spending the 200% mark-ups on toilet paper, and corned beef! Haliburton is charging you way too much. Have some of your PENTAGON GOONS go to Wal-mart to do the shopping. They can help Homeland Securty when they are picking up some Tampons for the Ladies room!

True now we are finding out the "Peace- Keeping strategies of the United Nation has done more for the Jewish Nation as a whole and has done hardly anything for the surrounding regions. Guess who has the money to commit their own BRAND of genocide?:

" Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the Prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her- how often I wanted to gather you togerther like a hen gathering her chicks together under her wings! But you did not want it! Look your house has been abandoned to you. You will by no means see me from henceforth untill YOU say, "blessed is he that comes in Yahweh name!""-Jesus

The GLORY of war and ALL of the consequences, are on the heads of those responsible. This is defiantly opposing the truth and the progress of equality when a man can look back and have no regrets of mass killings and meaningless cruelty. It is better to give to the Aged and Disabled their last comforts in LIFE, then it is to send our YOUTH as soldiers to their DEATHS !!!

"Nevertheless I ask, Isreal did not fail to hear, did they? First Moses says: I will incite you people to jealousy through that which is not a nation: I will incite you to violent anger through a stuipid nation. But Isaiah becomes very bold and says : I was found by those who were not seeking me , I am manifest to those who were not asking for me. But as respect Isreal he says, " All day long I have spread out my hands toward a people that is diobediant and talks back." - Bible

Now, in this day and time, the Military is a Progressive and Perverse form of Lasting Imperialism.
The rumors say that you have to make war to bring peace. Or, "in order to have Peace, we must prepare for War". Yet this is a lie, and must be considered the most DEADLY, mistaken statement ever made.

Thursday, February 17, 2011




All is well with the TVA developing more ways to spend their HIGH EXECUTIVE /STOCK-HOLDERS SALARY. Oh, you said those people, anyone, even WE the People can purchase stock in the TVA? YES, only IF you HAVE the MONEY to BUY!!! OF COURSE, when the economy is on the down-spiral, The TVA announces extending their MONOPOLY to more ways of CONTROLLING your pockets-

"Data centers house computer systems and components, such as telecommunications and storage systems, used by Internet search engines and other high-tech industries. Criteria for selection of the sites include accessibility, strong telecommunications infrastructure and availability of reliable electric power."
“Recognizing these potential sites is an important part of TVA’s economic development strategy to recruit data centers to our region,”-TVA

TVA Achieves Historically Low Cost On 10-Year, $1.5 Billion Bond


We have forgot this one line. The line that tells us that things will be EQUAL in the job place. Although certain responsibilities create a cause to pay an employee more on their saleries, the working environment should remain the same. IS THIS NOT WHAT COLLECTIVE BARGAINING IS ABOUT? I go back to the days when the AFL-CIO was established; YES, the ELITE again were taking advantage of the working class. Is this a SIMULAR INCIDENT? How many of us don't like the IDEA of taking away these respected rights? (of course there are seedy pasts with the unions)  Do not discount the voices of the people saying IT DOES WORK. Instead, take the BUDGET FROM THE NATIONAL GUARD THAT YOU ARE READY TO HAVE MOVE IN THIER PLACE. PAY OUR PEOPLE MORE IF YOU ARE READY TO ASK,  SHOULD WE CUT? WE NO LONGER WANT TO PAY FOR BULLY'S, WAR, AND COVERT,  CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS IN COUNTRIES WE DON'T BELONG IN.[According to the CONSTITUTION this includes the U.S.A.(see spies in the US-facebook)] TAKE THAT MONEY AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE. STICK TO YOUR GUTS WISCONSIN- By the way if the Madison Scouts (et al) were a part of the protest .... WOW! What a way to blow your BUGAL!

ALSO: Help me verify that in 2003 the GPI index for the minimum wage earners was to be paid at $10.77
What is the minimum salary now, again? What year are we in? What are Small Businesses, that I do wish better profitability for, tied to?

Some parts of the Labor Bargaining rights MUST still exist against greedy corporate management. Look How Small Business are tied to the GPI , and so is the Minimum wage. In 2003 the index was supposed to be paying $10.77 in 2003; there was no one bargaining for those people that were affected by are a hire and fire revoling door of Profit for the corporations. THERE IS NO INCENTIVE TO GO TO WORK NOW. WHY IS MY INSURANCE BILLS HIGHER THAN MY FOOD BILLS? There are also teachers that REALLY care about their students enough to BUY them supplies so they can advance with other students that have the means. How are you going to pay THAT back?

UPDATE: FEB. 23, 2011





"Johnston goes on to point out that Governor Walker has gotten away with this false narrative because journalists have failed to look closely at how employee pension plans work and have simply accepted the Governor’s word for it. Because of this, those who wish the unions ill have been able to seize on that narrative to score points by running ads and spreading the word that state employees pay next to nothing for their pensions and that it is all a big taxpayer give-away"


I am very glad to hear that there has been some respect between the Police, and the rest of the protestors, who also will be affected by this outlandish GOP proposal. People on this very NIGHT are dressed in TUXES AND BOW TIES laughing and drinking their wine, remarking at the dilema. Are they with your families day and night , scrubbing the floors or cooking for a family of 8? Are they waiting to see if  THEIR PAYCHECKS will come in and look at them and wonder why it is that you GO TO WORK IN THE MORNINGS OR EVENINGS? PAY THE "PEOPLE" THEIR ATTENTIONS AND RESPECT.


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those in ANY sort of tribulation through the comfort with which we OURSELVES are being comforted by God.....Now whether we are in tribulation, it is for YOUR comfort and salvation; or wether we are being comforted, it is for your comfort that operates to make you endure the same sufferings that we also suffer. And so our hope for you is unwavering, knowing as we do that, just as YOU are sharers of the sufferings, in the same way YOU will also share in the comfort" .- Bible

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cry For Our Elders!


 I would like to ask all FREE thinking people,BEFORE making any decisions about healthcare; to walk to your local HOSPITALS actually WALK throught it, then, GO to you nearest NURSING HOME, take a bible and read your favorite Scrpiture to our Aged and Disabled folks......PLEASE
The GLORY of war and ALL of the consequences, are on the heads of those responsible. This is defiantly opposing the truth and the progress of equality when a man can look back and have no regrets of mass killings and meaningless cruelty. It is better to give to the Aged and Disabled their last comforts in LIFE, then it is to send our YOUTH as soldiers to their DEATHS !!!

"The Japan Times has reported that more and more senior Japanese are left to fend for themselves and many die alone in their homes. The Times reported that in Tokyo alone, “People over 65 who died alone in their residence, including by suicide, stood at 2,211 in 2008, compared with 1,364 in 2002.”


  • "Toyota is recalling an estimated 1.7 million vehicles worldwide for defects, including 245,000 Lexus IS and GS vehicles in the U.S.
  • The 2006-'07 Lexus GS 300/350, the 2006-'09 Lexus IS 250 and the 2006-'08 Lexus IS 350 are being recalled in the U.S. to inspect installation of fuel pressure sensors that could cause a fuel leak in the engine compartment.
  • Toyota announced a separate recall involving 1.3 million vehicles worldwide to fix a different problem on a fuel delivery pipe and fuel pump check valve, as well as a recall of 135,000 Avensis sedans in Europe for potential defects in fuel systems."

2011 Lexus GS Pricing Detail & Required Minimum Equipment

InvoiceMSRPFair Purchase Price
Base Price$41,490.00$46,100.00$46,505.00
Destination Charge875.00875.00Incl.
V6, 3.5 LiterStd.Std.Std.
Automatic, 6-Spd w/OverdriveStd.Std.Std.
P225/50WR17 SummerStd.Std.Std.
Price With Destination Charge and Required Equipment$42,365.00$46,975.00$46,505.00
-Kelley's Blue Book.

TIMES       1.7 million vehicles


Some Moments To Reflect On

A trip to Costa Rica with Woody Harleson would have been a bad Idea for me, If the opportunity exisited. Another bad move for me would be hanging out with Rob Lowe and his teeny friends, or Marv the sports newscaster.I think that a bad place to take Lady GaGa in her meat dress would be to a Pre- Trial Michael Vicks house.
I also think a REAL bad place to eat would have been Sparks Resturant East 46th Street, NY. December 16, 1985 around 7:00 ...ish.
I think the ARMPIT of the nation shifted ,from Elizabethton,TN. to TVA< TN>
Polititcally speaking, and I am not even in POLITICS
Within my travels upon Planet Earth I stumbled upon a new breed of Homo Sapien that I dubbed Humanus Capitalist homo greedius. We have been looking on how to treat this rare, and distinguishing character. Yet our design is to have him placed within another Nomenclature under the ANIMAL catagory
Bob: Portrait of a Politicians Adage, " I tell the truth, but I lie". And, "They have nothing on me, I cover my tracks well
yea, I commented: "You naughty little SOOKERS, ..." on Naughty America's photo
And the year has JUST  BEGUN....and by the way,  even some comments:

So you have a giant killer rabbit named Barca, eh?
about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Within my travels upon Planet Earth I stumbled upon a new breed of Homo Sapien that I dubbed Humanus Capitalist homo geedius. We have been looking on how to treat this rare, and distinguishing character. Yet our design is to have him placed within another Nomenclature under the ANIMAL catagory.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Class envy is a pejorative term sometimes used to describe criticisms of the rich and powerful by the poor and less powerful.
    Criticism of excessive wealth and the wealthy has been a staple of political discourse for generations and many believe that societal imbalances in wealth should be reduced or done away with. A common rebuttal to these arguments is that the antagonism that the poor feel towards the wealthy is not based upon any repression or unfairness, but rather upon envy. This argument states that the poorer members of society attack the rich and their privileges because they are envious of the wealth and success the upper classes enjoy.

    For more:
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Yea, darn those greedy Democrats!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • @ @ Carolyn. Go and sip your wine saying, "Fuck the poor" in your own group. The words you say sound nice to all of your friends, but NOT HERE!
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • How Jealous you are....You are the type of LIberal who has his head in the sand, while the Liberals running the show are for the most part richer or just as wealthy as the Conservatives you blast.

    Grow up
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Pehn, do you have $5.00? Well, I only have $1.00. Please give me half of what you have or stop with the wealth envy.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I would like to ask for a line-up of the wealthy, next to the people that aren't, and then say your STUIPIDITY. Does Egypt not tell you something? IDIOT!!
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Guess what, it's the wealthy that give the poor jobs, and help them ...

    You are sadly mistaken, if you don't think that wealthy people help poor people

    I don't know what country you live in, but your views are a bit skewed
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Pehn, if you don't give me half of your $5.00, I will call out my friends and protest and riot against you.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Egypt: Please observe the perfect example of how *creating* wealth envy works to stir up the masses.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I am happy it is you;save your money!:

    It is easier , in fact, for a camel to get through the eye of a sewing needle, than for a rich man(woman) to get to the kingdom of GOD. - Jesus
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • There will always be a lot more poor people than rich.

    There is no law of Man or any such thing that says we must all enjoy equal results in life...just equal opportunity.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Pehn, stomp, stomp, stomp. Yell, Yell, Yell. Iwant my money!! I want my money!!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Do you understand the meaning of that verse, Pehn?

    ps it's just "needle"...not sewing needle. lol
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I am glad you understand , it helps with not having to repeat it to you again.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Pehn, you are not being fair and balanced. You are answering Carolyn and not answering me. Shame on You!!!!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • It does not mean that rich people are evil or cannot enter heaven.

    Get a job.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Christ visited Nicodemus, a rich man, and told him "unless you are born again, of water and the spirit, you cannot get into the kingdom of heaven"

    Pehm, quit using one verse out of the bible to argue with. Christ loves all of us, even you, and will help us get into heaven if we want to go there.

    Life is the only school ever where the answers to the test to pass is given to you before you are ever born.

    I would suggest that you not get this thread into a religious thread because there are people on this db that can bury you in Christ's love.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • No one can slave for two masters; for either he will love the one and hate the other, or he will stick to the one and despise the other. You cannot slave for GOD and for RICHES. JESUS. Is that a more clear? ......good.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • How can you sit here and yell out F U to people and then quote the Bible..I don't understand
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • A sword has two sharp edges, doesn't it?
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Pehn, your understanding of God's words should inspire you to go into the woods and live off of nuts and berries. Please do that.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • No Pehn, if you are to represent the Lord, *(who also says you will always have the poor)....then the cussing needs to stop.

    YOu can't sit on a fence
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • > Pehn Marques
    Within my travels upon Planet Earth I stumbled upon a new breed of Homo Sapien that I dubbed Humanus Capitalist homo geedius. <

    This coming from a new breed I found in remote underpass areas called
    Humanus Spongeus homo Jeal-ious

    How are you doing CURT? How's "jesus"?
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Once again, out of context. Why is isolating one verse to prove a point such a popular ruse with you guys? It never, ever works. Education on the *entire* subject is much more productive.
    I'm not a Christian but I have studied the Bible and other ancient texts for many years.

    This will get you nowhere because the meaning is not that being rich or working for money means you cannot be godly, too.

    But if you want to go there...Yeehaw!...start thread and I will gladly slay thee.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Rebecca, don't animals that live on the highway become roadkill?
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • IT IS CALLED THE SWORD OF TRUTH...HURTS DOESN'T IT? You are fighting against it. The opposite of the TRUTH is a LIE.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Hey where's Erica? Maybe she can stop this liberal from his uncivility?
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Pehn....calling people Animals, and telling them to F off, is not what God or Jesus Christ stands for, or desires
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • No....just Curt with a new moniker.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • that's my opinion - Glen C did the same.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Yeah, Glen was just pushing his web page. Good luck with that...
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I'm assuming the libs didn't all go over to his "rapture' site - I still them trolling here lol
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Look who is back! Nice to see you Mr. Vaughn
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Lux et veritas
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Well I myself have discovered finally the vicious animal that many times I was warn about, it is homo libertatus supresorum sociallistus.Is actually the only being that reproduces itself thru lie, oppression, and subterfuge.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Pehn isn't, I'm sure of that!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • You'de think if libs were so into socialism that their politicians wouldn't be cheating on their taxes like they do.

    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • JOE....i'm so excited to see've been missed.....
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • non sequitur, Cheshire
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • <<Lux et veritas is the Yale seal motto?>>

    Yes, but a good motto for anyone. So is "Veritas" -- Harvard
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Whatever floats your "barca."
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I noticed you spell "neighbor" with a "u."
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Not me.... I use "i, t"
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Yes, Mr. Vaughn. My latin IS a little rusty, I stand corrected. Now what should be the correct nomenclature term for GREEDY SONS OF BITCHES again? So I can rephrase. ha
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • So....being rich means one MUST be greedy. Is that your stand?

    If I earn 10,000.00 a week and you earn 1000.00 a week, you believe I'm being greedy if I don't hand you 4500.00??
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I like how everyone can twist thigs to suit themselves, must be in the stew. I have many anwsers; it's not as if any of you are willing to listen and change your frame of thoughts and actions. Has anyone been accused here by me? A person has to choose for themselves what catagory they belong to. It stands to reason if you have bad feelings about HOW much and HOW you earn a living, you might consider these strong words as valid and perpetual.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Pehn, most of us on here are too poor for you to worry about.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Comfort for the poor:

    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • I have no bad feelings for HOW much or HOW anyone earns a living as long as it's legal. They can earn all the money they want and they can do nothing with it but dance on it if they so choose.

    It's called capitalism. You are free to earn, earn, earn. If you choose to GIVE it to charity, fine; but you don't HAVE to. And it certainly isn't up to the government to make those choices for you. The government doesn't create wealth, WE do.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I don't think anyone here has an issue with charity. It is freely given.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I still like Blundermouse, and Beckskunk better!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • @ Joe . Uh,you lost me on "presuppose"
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Wathch some more Monty Python Joe, and get back to me!
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • ^ Bingo
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Reciting Monty Python hardly resulted from a learning experience in my life... but if you want , go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Just remember....IV'E SEEN IT BEFORE.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • I know that it wasn't straight.....your spelling is horrible.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • I think your funny.But you better change the balogna in your shoes...whew!

  • I wish you'd give him a wedgie while you're at it, too, Joe! An atomic wedgie!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • @ Carolyn. Not done bullying the poor? Welcome back.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Pehn,
    Please find the difference between your and you're
    Also: they're, their and there
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Was I bullying you?
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • I not taking any lessons from you Joe. You are a repeater.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Are you a victim, Pehn?
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • No. I want you to go into a nursing home and all of you, just laugh and laugh.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • How can STUIPIDITY TEACH ME ANY THING? I love to laugh. Maybe I can learn from not being YOU.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • who is phen-phen??? is it mother's day out at the cheesy factory???
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • @ Joe. You just removed all doubt about your own NON- Education. Your friends must be proud of your Monty Python. Do you do it in a clown suit, too? I bet you are a big John Cleese fan, too.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Your breaking up Joe , Your breaking up!
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Wow Joe. I really learned my lesson there. From a Monty Python clown, to pretentious educator, to ......what? Pat yourself on the back again.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • My book of Latin is out ,'ve got NOTHING. Except a mirror of you looking at your brain muscles flexing in the mirror.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Joe. Your stuttering.Even your writing can tell you.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • @ Joe. Naw. Not good enough . From the words of Donald Trump, " You're Fired!"
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • zzzzz Boring.....
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • I am back and reading the opinions of the forum, and I read the opinion of the rabbit with the pancake as a hat, and I wonder at the waste of time and the lack of sense of humor, even I was in disagreement with Penh Marques, at no time thought that was other that using a Latin sound paragraph to validate his o her opinion, as I was, any way I wonder way reading Joe W gave me a sense of moth balls.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • zzzzzzBoring......
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • I have had fun with JOe. ha
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Hopefully not an all-nighter..I .have homework to do. lol
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • It still doesn't make you a winner , Joe.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • I had the feeling that elitist where in the left, but Joe and company ganging up on the way people expressed their ideas more than in the actual content of the ideas, makes me kind of bond with Pehn Marques even though I am not embracing his thoughts.
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Gore? I think the phrase came from Mack. " Moth Balls"
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • * snozzing. joe. snoozing*
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • Can I call you LITTLE joe now? It would comfort me.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • @ Little Joe. Who?
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • @ Little Joe. PS3 helps sometimes.
    about 2 weeks ago · Delete Post

  • JoAnne wrote: "Yea, darn those greedy Democrats!"

    I know you turn your back for one minute and they've mutated!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • This is my home rabbit get use to it!
    about 2 weeks ago · Report

  • Carolyn Taylor Parker
    "Class envy is a pejorative term sometimes used to describe criticisms of the rich and powerful by the poor and less powerful.
    Criticism of excessive wealth and the wealthy has been a staple of political discourse for generations and many believe that societal imbalances in wealth should be reduced or done away with."

    In the Christian world there are things called the seven deadly sins. They are called this because by Christian belief they kill ones relationship not only with God but with ones fellow man. Envy is one of those seven deadly sins for a reason.....