Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Part of the Anti-Christ Revealed- "Babylon The Great"

@ POPE> Only Jesus with God's will,  can make a saint; you are the Anti- Christ, Pope. Your IDOLS won't help you when you pray for them! Which side are you praying for this time in all the wars? TELL US!
When are you going to dis-fellowship child molesters and murderers from your congregation, POPE?
 You are just a MAN just like the rest of us; and when you are stripped of all your robes you are bare. What power do you have , then? You have misled many people! Jesus said that "you will be hated on the count of his name", yet millions stand before you to have "their ears tickled" by you. What did they learn, so that they can go home to feed on? You have starved them from the good news of  Jehovah God's Kingdom that will "bring to ruin to those ruining the earth." - Bible

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