Monday, April 25, 2011


Why doesn't anyone press for Military Budget cuts, instead of raising taxes? What about tax reform called flat tax for income, incentives for small business, penalties for Labor offenses (i.e. hire and fire at will) and Tax TAX TAX monopolizing corporations, news, entertainment outlets (Hollywood, Sports figures) No more three-hots- and- a- cot for uneducated prisoners ( recidivism rates), welfare recipients to get back to work, by raising the minimum wage, and business getting a break for hiring them. STOP TAXING POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE FOR A CHANGE. Executive salaries MUST have limits! HOW MUCH DOES ONE MAN REALLY NEED TO LIVE ON? alt fuels. alt fuels, alt fuels, wind, wind, wind. Sun, sun, sun= Life. SUPPORT FOR THE MILITARY= DEATH

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