Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Do this to remember me"- Jesus

Today: Nisan 13. Tonight Nisan 14- On this occasion 1978 years ago,The apostles with Jesus gathered around the supper table to enjoy the Last Evening Meal with a remembrance. The night eventually led to Christ's capture, trial and execution; at the same time, the execution of Jesus and the prophetic scriptures came to a final fulfillment of the only perfect man ever on earth, since the birth of Adam.They were told of his betrayal,  as was foretold throughout the scriptures, and how God had the ability to see beforehand the treacherous ways of man. The Jews and religious leaders at this time would accuse him of being a liar, Jesus' own people would pick a murderer over him. Christians would mourn afterward for three days when they learned of his remarkable resurrection as he had demonstrated before while on earth. Certainly, any individuals still rejecting these ideas would have a problem knowing Jesus and his perfect ways.

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