Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cry For Our Elders!


 I would like to ask all FREE thinking people,BEFORE making any decisions about healthcare; to walk to your local HOSPITALS actually WALK throught it, then, GO to you nearest NURSING HOME, take a bible and read your favorite Scrpiture to our Aged and Disabled folks......PLEASE
The GLORY of war and ALL of the consequences, are on the heads of those responsible. This is defiantly opposing the truth and the progress of equality when a man can look back and have no regrets of mass killings and meaningless cruelty. It is better to give to the Aged and Disabled their last comforts in LIFE, then it is to send our YOUTH as soldiers to their DEATHS !!!

"The Japan Times has reported that more and more senior Japanese are left to fend for themselves and many die alone in their homes. The Times reported that in Tokyo alone, “People over 65 who died alone in their residence, including by suicide, stood at 2,211 in 2008, compared with 1,364 in 2002.”

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