Monday, February 14, 2011

The Police Telling The Police What To Do-click link

"The policy also bars employees from gossiping about the department with outsiders.
The policy went into effect on Jan. 31.
The chief says the policy is intended to prevent any online behavior that reflects negatively on the police department."

I am the first one to say , all we need is more of a police state. (ha) But this clearly shows how the police can lose their touch with the public. Are they not thinking humans , too? (Short of the animals that smear the good name of the all of the  "Public Services" dept.)  Yes, they are thinking humans with guns; some people in COLO. might find this somewhat being equal to them. Being in Denver in the early part of the turn of the century, reminds me of how dry and cold it is, and how I can drink 2 drinks and forget that I was a MILE high.On THAT,  I apologise for my behavior, and many nights in COLO for forgetting that ONE thing. Nevertheless  I say , LET THEM HAVE THEIR FACEBOOK MUBARAK.......OH .....It's just the Pueblo Police.

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