Friday, February 18, 2011


"Regardless of the situation in Afghanistan, we've seen the Pentagon coming back to us asking for more troops, more resources, more time," Lee told reporters during a conference call on Thursday. "And I always said, 'If they say it's going well in Afghanistan, they want more resources, more troops, more time. If it's going poorly in Afghanistan, they come back and they say they want more troops, more resources, more time.'"

" That which has come to be, that is what will come to be; and that which has been done, that is what will be done, and so there is nothing new under the sun. Does anything exist of which one may say, " See this, it is new? It has already had existence for time indefinite, what has come into existence is from time prior to us. "- Bible


Stop spending the 200% mark-ups on toilet paper, and corned beef! Haliburton is charging you way too much. Have some of your PENTAGON GOONS go to Wal-mart to do the shopping. They can help Homeland Securty when they are picking up some Tampons for the Ladies room!

True now we are finding out the "Peace- Keeping strategies of the United Nation has done more for the Jewish Nation as a whole and has done hardly anything for the surrounding regions. Guess who has the money to commit their own BRAND of genocide?:

" Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the Prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her- how often I wanted to gather you togerther like a hen gathering her chicks together under her wings! But you did not want it! Look your house has been abandoned to you. You will by no means see me from henceforth untill YOU say, "blessed is he that comes in Yahweh name!""-Jesus

The GLORY of war and ALL of the consequences, are on the heads of those responsible. This is defiantly opposing the truth and the progress of equality when a man can look back and have no regrets of mass killings and meaningless cruelty. It is better to give to the Aged and Disabled their last comforts in LIFE, then it is to send our YOUTH as soldiers to their DEATHS !!!

"Nevertheless I ask, Isreal did not fail to hear, did they? First Moses says: I will incite you people to jealousy through that which is not a nation: I will incite you to violent anger through a stuipid nation. But Isaiah becomes very bold and says : I was found by those who were not seeking me , I am manifest to those who were not asking for me. But as respect Isreal he says, " All day long I have spread out my hands toward a people that is diobediant and talks back." - Bible

Now, in this day and time, the Military is a Progressive and Perverse form of Lasting Imperialism.
The rumors say that you have to make war to bring peace. Or, "in order to have Peace, we must prepare for War". Yet this is a lie, and must be considered the most DEADLY, mistaken statement ever made.

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