Thursday, February 17, 2011


All is well with the TVA developing more ways to spend their HIGH EXECUTIVE /STOCK-HOLDERS SALARY. Oh, you said those people, anyone, even WE the People can purchase stock in the TVA? YES, only IF you HAVE the MONEY to BUY!!! OF COURSE, when the economy is on the down-spiral, The TVA announces extending their MONOPOLY to more ways of CONTROLLING your pockets-

"Data centers house computer systems and components, such as telecommunications and storage systems, used by Internet search engines and other high-tech industries. Criteria for selection of the sites include accessibility, strong telecommunications infrastructure and availability of reliable electric power."
“Recognizing these potential sites is an important part of TVA’s economic development strategy to recruit data centers to our region,”-TVA

TVA Achieves Historically Low Cost On 10-Year, $1.5 Billion Bond

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