Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The People With Needs Are Under Attack-click link

It is better to give and help our aged, disabled, and needy in dire circumstances, than it is to train our youth to kill. It is better to help these, our elders; they bore us, and nurtured our way to our understanding the deed of charity, and respect. Somehow the term "money" has become MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE, when you have educated people fighting against every decent principle according to our own good nature. When we see the whole story of our Fathers and Mothers teaching us all the good things in life, why do we fight the most honorable, and give all of the glory to the cause of WAR and DEATH? We will,  for a certainty,  one day see ourselves confined to our beds, or knowing one from our families wondering why, at the end of our lives,have we come to this moment? "WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF ME?" When we were born from our mother's belly we never thought of this question. 

Comments from news article shared:

Well, In the Northeast we have ice storms, snow storms and extreme cold -- the gas has just jumped 20 cents and in some areas 2.49/gallon -- Seniors haven been given a raise in Social Security in 2 years and food prices skyrocketing for past two-three months -- maybe the idea here is to kill off some seniors before they tackle Social Security or Medicare -- you cannot get blood from a stone -- but you can tax those individuals earning over $500,000 -- how much heat and electricity would that pay for the Elderly to live in NE??

RYAN | FEB 14, 2011 8:59:14 PM posted: “And the best way to end struggle and poverty is to let the weak die off.”
Ryan, I am hoping that you are also healthy, young, and an idealist without a depth of experience. According to a study by J. S. Hacker in 2006, 58.5% of Americans will spend at least one year below the poverty line at some point between ages 25 and 75. Who would decide which of these millions should die? Who decides which of these millions are "lazy and stupid"?
I was one of those people during college who qualified for food stamps and I too could “look at myself in the mirror” because this help provided me with a nation’s caring support. It allowed me to become qualified for work and years later own a company that helps provide jobs for others.
But there are others in many American families who live beyond that one year below the poverty level. They are too old, too young, or too sick to work. And sorry, but the majority of the people in our nation prefer to live in a society that believes in the future, a compassionate place where we band together to help “weak” neighbors from suffering and dying. -
Posted by: green.goddess | Feb 14, 2011 9:29:09 PM

With all due respect, I am one of these poor people. But get no help b/c I am white. I struggle every day to make bills but I don't qualify for food stamps and am too proud to accept any other help. And guess what...I can look at myself in the mirror every night.This may seem obtuse and irrational. Unfortunately it is the truth. And the best way to end struggle and poverty is to let the weak die off. That way they cant re-produce more "victims" that need govt. assistance. It is designed to get you back on your feet...not as a hand out for the lazy and stupid.

Posted by: ryan | Feb 14, 2011 8:59:14 PM

Ryan, just curious. How old are you and have you ever talked to people who are “poor”? You know, struggling to live on an income below the poverty level? These Americans are not the lazy sponges Libertarians imagine out of Ayn Rand fantasy land.
They are handicapped, sick, aged, and mostly children. When you tell these Americans to “do something with their life” – most ALREADY HAVE. They served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam for their nation. They came home and worked hard for decades paying into Social Security, feeding a family, and gradually paying off a mortgage in order to retire. Along the way, some became sick or handicapped through no fault of their own and now live on Disability.

And most of the kids who live below the poverty level are in fact trying to “do something” – they are enrolled in Head Start for a measured improvement in educational skills.

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