Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greg Johnson- A Parroting HACK writer.

Is it me, or am I hearing double? Did we not hear this headline and comment repeatedly over Glen Beck's program touting CHANGE we , nor he (Beck) and his staff can predict? In between all the mumblings (Beck) are his gold commercials; I bet those shiny things appeal to you Greg. Either way, whether or not you allow my curt post toward your GOP rhetoric,  we in TENNESSEE are forced to deal with the only news availble in our regional area, by radio; at the same time,  our local channels,  that hardly give us any real meat (TRUTH)  to chew on,  besides our computers.  Do you ever think that the GOP backed MEDIA in our REPUBLICAN STATE will be able to convince any one by their continuous BULLYING of our new President.??? ..That's right I said new. Want to talk about the existing deficit? BUSH's ROLLING INTEREST TRAIN OF DEBT.  Need I say more about that criminal. As a matter of fact,  I do. I WILL. I don't think you read enough to get by on. I would like to have a face- to- face with your EDITOR about this. Go and make up you OWN material; I doubt that there is anything really CREATIVE that YOU REALLY said,  or wrote.

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