Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Being my first blog on this site, I would like to welcome any readers, comment, appeals, or expression regardless of belief, status, or representations. I would like to be fair concerning the purpose of ALL of LIFE endeavors, what it has to offer, with respect to the times that we live in. I would like to express any of my comments as "TIMELY", "HUMORFUL", AND AT ALL TIMES, "DEBATE-ABLE"  meaning:  If you would like to express concern, regarding remarks made, that could be occasionally thought of as brash or contrary to my/your  belief systems; our ideas can be definitively comparative. This means that we can AGREE TO DISAGREE. At the same time, I like to go back from time to time, saying I am imperfect like everyone else and subject to faults and failures. Yet ,  the first one that I would like to know about myself IS my mistakes; yet why would you (I) want to know? I try not to repeat, them....if that IS really possible. So if someone NEVER told you your mistakes, what would your personality be like? See? It's this and other subjects that lead us to the BIG question.....WHY? I would like all avenues to end to hope and glory, yet according to the REAL world; it is FULL of numbers and (wielding the double edge sword) also FULL OF SHITE. So this is where it can begin. With "US" as "WE" , at the least acknowledge some HUMAN examples of LIFE> With these people in mind, ( whom I know EXIST) I APPLAUD YOU! -Tell me who you are! !

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