Tuesday, February 22, 2011


“The board of directors has now met in all seven states TVA serves,” President and CEO Tom Kilgore noted. “We believe that meeting across our service territory gives our directors and officers greater insight into TVA’s operations and helps strengthen our relationships with our customers and the public.”...

"To simplify the way fuel charges appear on power bills, the board approved combining all components of fuel into a single category called the “total monthly fuel cost.” Previously, monthly bills had fuel costs in two separate categories: the “base rate” charge, which remains the same each month, and the “fuel cost adjustment,” which changes each month to reflect fluctuations in the cost of coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel and related items"

THIS JUST MEANS THE SAME THING; THE TVA WILL HAVE MORE BONUS FOR THE EXECUTIVES , MORE STRENGTH TO CONTROL EVERYTHING. Fluctuating fuel cost means they can average some ELITE homeowner , that takes an average of $2000. per month cost and make an old man,  that can hardly afford the rates the way they are making him pay his share, huh?. Remember, the latter can take all of his Social Security Check every month and BANK ON THE TVA. How many SHARES OF TVA STOCK WILL $50 BUY HIM, after he pays his elecrtic and water bills? HOW MUCH LONGER CAN YOU LET THE TVA CONTROL YOU? I am asking the people that work there that have some decency and a Conscience.

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