Thursday, February 24, 2011

Try Testing All of Your Sports Heros That Are Supposed To Be Graduates

OK I was being a little harsh to the REAL athletes that have done their homework. Solve: When using the quadradic equation: X= -b + or - the suare root of bsquared -4ac divided by 2a, *breath* solve for xsquared +2x+3=0 in terms of i. Those of you that never seen this should be ashamed to make the money you do! Shame on you!

........the problem lies with the amount of public attention this has gained compared to the attention of better educational opportunities. I know athletes that have their positions given to them because of talent, rather than an equal opportunity because of  academic successes.

It is the MONEY that our children see these athletes making; they compare their own lives to the lives of these athletes. I respect the games, and the way that a person can be of great strength and agility. But the reasoning of this is very different when comparing the needs of a balanced society. TV does not teach our children, it is wrong to steal, kill, and compete fairly. It in fact teaches us more imaginary ways to get around, or promote these ideas.If the money wasn't there for these guys , would the majority still be playing professionally? I think the ones that have done their lessons would be; the others, I don't have much hope of them passing the basics of math and science.

It's the media is who support these intentions. And I am not against any athlete making money. I just have an idea of them being paid LESS than a Teacher; who has a definitive choice for the support of a more opportunistic approach to a better "designing" society. Pay them(athletes) less of a salary, they still they get more support from their sponsors, and media agents. There are no sponsors and supporters to the education system. The TEACHERS TAUGHT YOU TO READ, WRITE, AND REASON MORE CLEARLY THAN YOUR PARENTS HAVE. I'm not saying this about you; but, I am saying this to all people as a whole. What IS the VALUE here? Now the NCAA RUlES FOR THE ONES THAT VIOLATED THEM.

Student-Athlete Reinstatement (Eligibility)

The student-athlete reinstatement process provides for the evaluation of information submitted by an NCAA member institution on behalf of enrolled and prospective student-athletes who have been involved in violations of NCAA regulations that affect their eligibility.
The review is to assess the responsibility of the involved individuals and to determine appropriate conditions for the reinstatement of eligibility under standards established by the NCAA membership.
The NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff issues initial decisions in all cases. The staff’s decisions may be appealed to the Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee, which is composed of representatives from NCAA member institutions and conferences.
The committee has the authority to amend a staff decision or lessen a penalty, but it does not have the authority to increase a penalty. The staff meets with the committee regularly to discuss philosophy, process, policies and guidelines for processing cases."- NCAA



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