Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is Your Day Like?

I want to ask all you people what your waking days are like? Because, everyone has it, their moments whether they plan it, or just let the day happen differently. I can only remark about the contrasting times from what I am experiencing now in my own life, but there is some reasoning for me to affix the latter and compare and  I will tell you first about my days. Now, I can say that I have a very grateful and loving relationship with my spouse, I have coffee in the mornings and sometimes, (but do have the time) time to read Bible scriptures.(really) Still, we have the necessary conversations on what appointments coming up, or what bills we can pay, we have our stints using the computers, either to help in processing our payments or just having the time to play a game. Our dogs usually require their daily routines of letting them in and out, plus new water, filling of the food bowl, and receiving the ball in my lap to play. I think about the next classes I am going to take, and what other bills are coming next, take more sips of coffee, and then think of how I am going to pay for the whole arrangement- The house, the car that rumbles to the tune of a bad transmission, and my relationships to my immediate family, which I just mentioned. All of these basic things that carry me through the day are what I call necessary. What makes me want to walk out there in the world is supposed to be opportunity. So what has changed my mind?  Do I need a house? A dog? A wife? 
  What is worse, is the fact that there are more people approaching questions in there everyday life that is similar to mine. This is the newer type downsizing when you have to really look at your true means and wonder if someone has it better or worse. When even the bulk of ads that you get in the mail or see on the news is what they might portray the worst outcome of people, but, these days only big corporations end up getting the proceeds of your heartfelt concerns. Or the portrayal of the happy life if you have your Visa or Mastercard, this daily sickens me.
   Yes, giving is apart of our necessary arrangement in our family. Only because the way I have had my misfortunes along the way, too. I was homeless at one time, well actually for a very long time. So, this is where I compare- Waking up inside a tunnel at a playground, wondering if I can find a cup of coffee, a companion, some work. Your day starts to the tune first, trying to clean up, instead of looking like you just woke up at the playground. You are cold and shivering, and you don’t know how far the shelter you were turned away from the previous evening is because your feet hurt and your mind is on the next shelter. What makes me move on? Is it the desire to be like everyone else? To be normal, is it to envy the successes of others? I wanted my own place, and it wasn’t just some spot under the bridge, or at a buddy’s house. To some people that would remark behind their desks, “Why don’t you find a Job?” this is where it would tear at me the most- I don’t have a phone to find a job; I don’t have a regular phone to find a job; I don’t have a home to find a job; I don’t have the clothes to find a job. Even if I had one or all of the latter things, it still wouldn’t be enough to find a job. This vicious circle, the ocean whirlpool that drags you down, it’s cruel; not the people that wanted to help, just the idea of a person seeing point A as their current existence and point B owning the belief: “I will get out of this.” ”Things will be better for me.”(That remarkable, holding of the breath and trudging out of being spit to Leviathan.)
   My whole way about me is also to refer to the outcomes of others, whether good or bad. Of course the times are to pray for the ones in need, and be Liberal to our aged and sick, this is Biblical. At the same time, why can’t it be this easy-the way the Bible puts it. Because what binds all of the confusion together is not the way we would have it, it is just the way it is, now…the Law is complicated, and out of the reach of common people. So I ask then, what is your day like? What do you think of when you want to change the laws, make regulations, take away benefits, give away incentives, make the rich more richer? How do you have your coffee as you file through your portfolios, and IRA’s, when you go to the markets online to trade your net worth of Insurance bonds? When do you play with your pets? Do you have to worry about paying your bills each month? (I can already answer this) What does it feel like, getting that bonus check for millions of dollars, and what is the first thing you want to do afterward? Are there people that worry about you? What really are you thinking of, and what really is your day like? I can almost bet, your honest answers, and commitment to change these causes and effects will get you some better sleep at night. Please, look out for your neighbors, love God, and have a good day. 

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