Monday, April 23, 2012


It's probably not a good idea to ask the pet store keeper for Penguin Chow, after stealing one from a world famous Zoo. Its probably a bad idea for doing the same thing for a Rhinoceros. It's also STILL a bad idea to wear DEPENDS on a commercial; yes, EVEN for charity, dumb@ss It is also a really bad Idea to putting a barrier from the Buffet for a 250 pound women, just to replenish the sauce pans It is a bad idea just to throw water on my 2 dachshunds humping ; because when I did, it just made them sound worse, ahhhhhh! (Reminds me of the movie Splash, or was it Flash Dance or sompin) I do think Piranha keeping is still illegal, and dangerous idea , but I won't tell anybody Kathy Houswright ;that is the fired manager from the Encore Bar and grill/ Night club, JOCY, TN 37601 I think standing in front of the fair lane, looking like a deer in front of the car headlights, 20 yards ahead and waving at me in mid stroke is a very bad idea, especially if you s#ck at the Game and you would have done better trying to have a facial that day, cause now I am not paying for your dumb@ss moves, nor reconstructive surgery. I think it's a bad Idea to say "Underwear" at a TSA checkpoint, not that I said that, I swear! What happened to the rubber chicken, or the whoopee cushion? Bad Idea to bring that back. I wonder if it's a bad idea to raise Ticks up to be burned? Or roam a colony of ants to smash their empire by the stroke of a foot cause they were just all over the yard, and now I just have to spray. It's a bad idea to use my golf clubs to chop wood ...and there are rules to follow should you attempt to chop wood with my golf clubs and that is rule one: don't chop wood with my golf clubs! Rule 2: Bad Idea to put chop sticks in the fish tank Rule 3 no rock swallowing Rule 4 ...yes, the carpet is appealing but you still cant eat it. Bad idea. and the floor in the kitchen... To me , it's still not too late to tell your children a few things and have them listen, not a bad idea, eh?

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