Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to the blogger F U FACEBOOK

 Facebook has done it again; they want even more information than you really know. Suppose I have a picture and I keep showing it to you, do you think that a year later, you might know exactly this picture and detail? Perhaps, but what about thousands of pictures from SOME people, that you might know your friends, but not really YOU. Well this WAS the purpose of NETWORKING and finding the friends that you HAVEN"T seen in YEARS. The Idea of the @ssholes at FACEBOOK see it different , though. Just today, something of the most of extreme stupidity happened and it was definitely the LAST STRAW with  ME AND FACEBOOK! I already have about 300 friends and I AM SUPPOSED TO PICK A LIST OF PICTURES AT RANDOM AND IDENTIFY THEM OR GIVE THEM A PHONE NUMBER......F#CK YOU FACEBOOK, I'LL WRITE IT HERE. I must have past through the SPECIAL booth because my other accounts, ( yea you schist, Jew Hypocrites, I had multiple accounts that I am deleting too for the purpose of my genre diversification ) didn't DO me that way! Plus, I don't look at EVERYONE'S F#CKING PICTURES AND I DON'T SPY ON EVERYONE'S PAGE. JERK OFFS. I'LL BE BACK WITH MORE OF THESE, LATER

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